Coach Sue Award and Coach Sue Wall

The “Coach Sue Award” is a tribute to Susan Marie (McCullen) Rupp’s incomparable four decades of service to the Pine Hill Youth Association.

“Coach Sue” volunteered as a team scorekeeper, coach, and manager through her years, in addition to serving on the organization’s Executive Board as Treasurer and Vice President. She coached both girls and boys in softball, baseball, and soccer. Susan worked tirelessly to help with organizing parades, hosting tournaments, and chairing successful fundraising efforts for the association, including craft shows, fairs, and local business sponsorships.

Susan’s unprecedented dedication and service inspired others to give back to the association every day, in every way. After her passing, the “Coach Sue Award” was a first-of-its kind tribute, which was created to honor the dedicated group of coaches who support the Pine Hill Youth Association.

The award reads:

“The recipient of this award is a person with longevity, dedication, admiration, and love for the Pine Hill Youth Association. Through the eyes of “Coach Sue,” you did everything and anything for the children and the program.”

Recipients receive a plaque on “Opening Day” and their names are placed on the “Coach Sue Wall,” which serves as a constant reminder that they each upheld the commitment of “Coach Sue.”

“Coach Sue Award” lovingly dedicated and donated by the Pine Hill Youth Association

“Coach Sue Wall” designed and created by Walt and Randy Himes