Coach Sue Monument

In honor of 4 decades of unparalleled volunteerism and service to the Pine Hill Youth Association, “Coach Sue” received eternal recognition at her second home, the Joey Green Complex.

Dedicated in April 2011 on “Opening Day,” the PHYA Executive Board unveiled the “Coach Sue Monument” in loving memory of Susan Marie (McCullen) Rupp to her family and friends. This monument commemorates her unwavering positivity and focus on developing local youth to excel at sportsmanship and teamwork.

Thanks to this wonderful gesture, Susan will never miss another “Opening Day,” as she will always be at Joey Green in spirit, with a front row seat along the fence.

Susan’s passion for coaching the youth of her town blossomed into a 39-year involvement with the Pine Hill Youth Association, first as a scorekeeper then a team manager. A pillar in the community and affectionately known to all as “Coach Sue,” she has touched the lives of hundreds of girls and boys in the sports of softball, soccer, and baseball. Susan also held multiple leadership positions throughout the years with the PHYA organization, most recently as Vice President.

The monument reads:


You freely gave of your time and talent
to teach us how to play.

With patience and encouragement,
you guided us each day.

You said, “Winning is not everything –
above all else have fun.”

Whether win or lose, as our coach,
you will always be #1.

Lovingly dedicated and donated by the Pine Hill Youth Association