The Susan Marie Rupp Foundation was founded on September 4, 2010 with our inaugural “Teal Ribbons of Hope Campaign.”

Our foundation welcomed nearly 150 volunteers who handed out symptom information cards and placed over 1,000 teal ribbons, which is the nationally recognized color for Ovarian Cancer, throughout the streets of Pine Hill, New Jersey, Susan Marie (McCullen) Rupp’s beloved hometown. This event ushered in the first time Pine Hill residents were introduced to National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which occurs every September.

However, despite its overwhelming success, the Susan Marie Rupp Foundation’s “Teal Ribbons of Hope Campaign” did not occur exactly as planned…

She had an idea

Over the course of her 8-year battle, Susan was surrounded by Ovarian Cancer facts, symptoms, risk factors, types, and stages – not to mention the color teal – during numerous treatments and extended stays on her hospital’s specialized women’s OB/GYN cancer floor.

“All of this information is great, but this is something every woman needs to know, not just me and the other patients here – we’re already sick. So many new women can be helped while it is still early enough to make a difference,” Susan said to her sister while undergoing treatment during her second Ovarian Cancer occurrence.

Unknown to most, it was Susan’s idea to tie teal ribbons throughout Pine Hill during the month of September 2010 to spread Ovarian Cancer awareness with those she cared about the most – her friends, coworkers, and community.

Sadly, Susan lost her fight with Ovarian Cancer on July 30, 2010, before she had the opportunity to accomplish her plan.

Honoring her

The Susan Marie Rupp Foundation began as a grieving process for her family in the month after her passing, and was officially founded at our milestone event, the “Teal Ribbons of Hope Campaign.”

Susan’s idea for Ovarian Cancer awareness for women was ultimately achieved in her honor. Her memory and message of overwhelming hope and unbelievable strength lives on in each and every teal ribbon proudly tied.