Teal Ribbons of Hope Campaign

Our “Teal Ribbons of Hope Campaign” spreads a possible lifesaving message by getting women to pay attention to their bodies and Ovarian Cancer’s symptoms.

Each year since its start in September 2010, the Susan Marie Rupp Foundation’s volunteers hand out symptom information cards and tie teal ribbons throughout towns on lampposts, mailboxes, and fences. We also display signs at street intersections, borough halls, and local businesses.

Since its inception, our “Teal Ribbons of Hope Campaign” has grown from the small town of Pine Hill, New Jersey to include almost 30 other towns in September 2012 to now. This represents an increase from a few hundred teal ribbons to over 4,000 currently.

The bravery and hope displayed by Susan Marie (McCullen) Rupp during her battle with Ovarian Cancer is present with each and every teal ribbon. She will remain a continual advocate for Ovarian Cancer awareness for all women.